$1.2 Million Settlement reached after inattentive truck driver causes 11-Vehicle pileup on interstate 80

Trial Attorney: Mark McNabola
Settlement Amount: $1.2 million

McNabola Law Group successfully obtained a $1.2 million settlement for their client in a legal case involving an 11-vehicle accident on Interstate 80 caused by an inattentive truck driver. Trial lawyers Mark McNabola and David McCracken led the case.

11-Car Pile Up Caused by Distracted Truck Driver

In 2018, a truck driver traveling on Interstate 80 failed to recognize the stopped traffic ahead and swerved his tractor-trailer out of his lane, colliding with another vehicle and pinning it against the median wall. This initial collision triggered a chain reaction with nine other vehicles, including three other semi-trucks, leading to a 11-car pile up. The aftermath of the accident left the victims with severe injuries, significant property damage. Our client, a 58-year-old man who was on his way home from a fishing trip, was among the victims. Miraculously, his vehicle managed to avoid direct collisions, but it was caught in the wreckage and sandwiched between a semi-truck and a box truck. After a thorough investigation by the McNabola Law Group, it became evident that the primary cause of the accident was the inattentiveness of a truck driver. The driver’s negligence and failure to exercise proper caution while operating the vehicle resulted in an 11-vehicle pileup, causing significant harm and disruption.

Legal Representatives Mark McNabola and David McCracken Are Fighting for Justice: $1.2 Million Dollar Settlement

In the pursuit of justice and rightful compensation for the pain and suffering endured by their client, Mark McNabola and the McNabola Law Group took swift action. Mark McNabola and David McCracken share a combined expertise in personal injury law and a track record of successful jury trials results and settlements. After their thorough negotiations with other parties involved, the insurance companies agreed to pay $1.2 million dollars to the McNabola Law Group’s client. This substantial amount reflected the severity of the injuries sustained, the emotional distress endured, and the financial burdens faced by our client as a result of the accident. While this significant accident was tragic, the McNabola Law Group was glad to secure a positive result for the client in the face of such misfortune.

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