Mass Transportation Accidents

You're not alone

We advocate on your behalf to ensure you receive the full amount of compensation that you are entitled to

McNabola Law Group is recognized as one of Chicago's leading personal injury firm

Getting the right legal advice from the outset can be critical

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle even the most complex mass transportation accidents.

Aviation Accidents

Want to know your legal rights after an aviation accident?

You need an expert aviation accident lawyer

Aviation injury laws are intricate and often involve multiple jurisdictions. International and domestic passengers are often subject to different regulations. An expert aviation accident attorney is essential for navigating these complexities.

Railroad Accidents

They don't intimidate us

Our railroad accident lawyers know how to combat the railroad and its insurance company to get the results you deserve.

McNabola Law Group's seasoned train accident attorneys have an extensive record of securing significant settlements and verdicts. Insurance giants have near-limitless resources, giving them a huge legal advantage. Our experience, dedication and confidence eliminates that advantage.

Buses and Subway Accidents

Advocating for those harmed on the CTA

Call on over 40 years of experience

Who is responsible for public transportation accidents? From a personal injury standpoint, bus and train accidents can be more complicated in terms of determining liability. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due CTA negligence you need representation by who are capable and experienced in handling complicated personal injury cases. The City writes the laws in their favor and knowing these laws is important to prove your case.

More Practice Areas
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Serious Personal Injuries or Catastrophic Injuries
One of the most critical factors to recovery is an expert catastropic injury lawyer who not only understands the unique challenges of this type of injury, but who knows how to advocate on your behalf to maximize your claim and fight for your family's future.
Wrongful Death
While we cannot bring your loved one back, we can leverage our experience and knowledge to secure the compensation necessary for your family to start to put the pieces back together.
Trucking Accidents
The trucking industry is poorly regulated and run on the interests of speed, not safety. The insurance companies behind this do not have your best interests at heart. McNabola Law does.
Auto/Car Accidents
Our vehicle accident injury lawyers provide personalized legal solutions, compassionate support and fight the insurance companies for the compensation you deserve.
Medical Malpractice
Medical negligence can be difficult to detect, and a medical malpractice lawyer can help you by providing access to top medical experts to review your medical files, establish if negligence occurred and pursue the damages you are owed.
Premises Liability
When you enter a person's home, establishment, or property, they are legally responsible for your safety well being. Our experienced premises liability lawyers help advise you on the strength of your claim.
Defective Products or Products Liability
It can be hard to stand up for yourself against the big insurance companies whose speciality is to fight these claims. Together we walk the road you need to take to get compensation from insurance companies.