Justice Prevails: McNabola Law Group Secures Confidential Victory in Medical Malpractice Case Against Insurance Giant

McNabola Law Group recently concluded a medical malpractice lawsuit for a significant confidential result against the insurance company for a family care physician. This result was achieved during mediation with a retired judge. Mark McNabola was the lead attorney along with David McCracken and Ruth Degnan.

The situation involved a 58-year-old husband, and father of two adult sons who died of colorectal cancer. He initially established medical treatment with a primary care physician at the age of 56. At age 56, he was six years overdue for a recommended colonoscopy screening procedure to detect for early stages of colorectal cancer. After deferring the exam at the initial office visit, his physician never recommended colonoscopy screening again until our client was having classic symptoms of cancer. Subsequent testing revealed incurable Stage IV metastatic colon cancer, and he died within weeks of his formal diagnosis. According to reasonably safe medical care, the doctor’s failure to properly recommend to our client the importance of colonoscopy screening or recommend alternative tests, lead to a delay that ultimately took away his chance of obtaining effective oncological treatment.

“All of the attorneys at McNabola Law Group who worked on our case took the time to listen and understand how much losing our father meant to us. We are very happy and thankful that we were able to obtain justice for our father and closure for our family.”

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