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Every day we trust our health and lives to doctors and other medical personnel. We trust that they have the knowledge and skill needed to diagnose and treat us. And we trust that they will take actions based upon the available medical information to help us regain or maintain our health.

What we never expect is that a medical professional we count on to care for us will fail to use reasonable professional judgment and will, as a result, cause injury, or contribute to the death of a patient.

Medical negligence is often very difficult for average people to detect. Few people understand the complicated medical issues that are part of an illness, a routine medical procedure, or a pregnancy.

We have access to top medical experts from all over the country who help us review medical files and establish whether negligence occurred and the damage resulting from negligent medical care.

Surgical Errors

Surgeons are expected to follow generally accepted and prescribed procedures when performing surgery on a patient. Additionally, certain protocols should be followed in order to secure the safety of the operating room and the monitoring of a patient's vital signs. When surgeons fail to follow standard operating procedures or make preventable mistakes during the course of an operation, they can be held liable for injuries and fatalities that occur as a result. The lawyers at McNabola Law Group investigate surgical errors using medical experts, testimony from those in the OR, video footage from the OR, and data gathered during the procedure from monitoring equipment. Working with experts, we identify what went wrong, why it went wrong, and what should have been done to prevent our client's injuries.

Da Vinci Robot Surgical Errors

The da Vinci Surgical System, built by Intuitive Surgical Inc., is the leading robotic surgical device. As with traditional surgical procedures, the da Vinci requires the surgeon to practice to master its use. However, surgeons debate the amount of practice required: the manufacturer says 20 procedures are sufficient while other medical experts say it takes dozens or even hundreds of procedures. Since 2005, there have been more than a dozen recalls of the da Vinci Surgical System.

Necrotizing Fasciitis (Flesh-Eating Bacteria)

Necrotizing fasciitis, commonly referred to as "flesh eating bacteria," is a potentially life threatening infection that is caused by a bacterial infection of soft tissue. Although it can be caused by different kinds of bacteria, the most common cause is Group A Streptococcus. Necrotizing fasciitis will destroy soft tissue and can result in toxic shock syndrome, amputations, and lead to death if not treated properly. When doctors fail to recognize symptoms associated with flesh eating bacteria, valuable time is lost increasing the risk for amputation, serious medical complications and even death. At McNabola Law Group, our attorneys review medical records, emergency room admission documents, and interview attending staff in order to expose negligence on the part of doctors who fail to properly diagnose and treat flesh eating bacteria and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), also known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), refers to a condition involving debilitating chronic pain, muscle atrophy, and loss of dexterity due to complications that arise after an injury. While CRPS most commonly affects the arms and legs, it is a serious neurological condition that can take weeks or months to develop after an injury. Since injury victims are not always aware they have -- or will develop -- CRPS, insurance companies rarely, if ever, take medical costs associated with CRPS into account when settling a claim. At McNabola Law Group, our attorneys understand the etiology and presentation of CRPS. We understand the costs associated with treating CRPS, as well as the financial consequences it can have on a person's ability to return to work.


Losing an arm, leg, hand, or finger can affect a person's ability to perform certain kinds of work, engage in recreational activities, and perform everyday tasks. At McNabola Law Group, we work with investigators, safety consultants, and other experts to determine the cause of incidents that result in amputation. Since a claim can be reduced by shifting all or some of the fault for the occurrence to the injury victim, it is important to determine why an accident happened and who was at fault. Especially in motor vehicle accidents, or injuries resulting from use of defective products, assigning fault is crucial to ensure amputation victims aren't denied the compensation they need and deserve for their injuries.

Brain Injury

Brain injuries often leave victims disabled and in need of in-home care. At the McNabola Law Group, we evaluate the financial impact of a traumatic brain injury on our clients and their families by working with life care planners and economists. Additionally, our attorneys collect medical testimony and evidence regarding the scope and nature of our client's injuries, projecting costs associated with future medical care, special needs equipment, and lost earnings. When insurance companies dispute our findings, our experts explain the cost-data analyses collected from HMOs and the insurance industry itself, documenting the expenses our clients can expect to incur as a result of a traumatic brain injury.

Prescription Errors

America has the strictest laws in the world to protect consumers from the dangerous side effects of harmful or defective prescription medication. When we take prescription medicine, we trust that the doctor is aware of the health benefits and side effects and that the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the product for safe use by consumers. However, prescription errors occur and can result in adverse drug reactions, devastating side effects or death. Our trial attorneys and experts work together to identify where the negligence occurred, how the negligence contributed to the injuries sustained and to explain the sequence of events to the jury.

Emergency Room Errors

We count on emergency room doctors and nurses to respond in a crisis, and most of the time they come through with flying colors. When a mistake is made in an emergency room however, the consequences can be very serious and sometimes fatal. You may have a medical negligence case if you suffered a heart attack or other serious medical condition which was not properly evaluated or diagnosed in the emergency setting. 

Failure to Diagnose Heart Disease & Vascular Problems

McNabola Law Group, is a law firm with a mission — helping injured people and victims of negligence to obtain the compensation they need to rebuild their lives. We are advocates for victims of medical malpractice on the part of surgeons, general practice physicians, emergency room personnel and other medical professionals.

Tracheotomy Injuries

A tracheotomy is a life-saving procedure. It is usually performed when a person is struggling to breathe or when fluid collects in the lungs. But a tracheotomy can go wrong, either during the procedure or during the patient's recovery period.

Birth Injuries

Pregnancy - and the moments before, during, and immediately following labor and delivery - are critical times in the life of your child. Undetected and untreated health problems in the mother or improper handling of complications during can have a tremendous effect on your child's life and your life as a parent. Proper medical treatment is essential. When nurses or physicians fail to monitor labor, or when doctors fail to order tests or to promptly respond to signs of fetal distress, they have failed to take reasonable care. A birth injury may be the result.

Failure to Diagnose

Getting a proper diagnosis is the first step in getting proper medical care and treatment. In order to make a proper diagnosis, the doctor must conduct a thorough assessment, order the necessary tests, the person doing the testing must do so correctly, the test must be precisely interpreted and the results accurately communicated. A problem anywhere along the way will result in an inaccurate or failed diagnosis.

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Product Liability - Family man paralyzed in a boating injury when he fell from the upper deck of a yacht. The offer by the insurance company for the defendant was only $3 million before trial and $25 million after three weeks of jury trial, offered after closing arguments.

Trial Attorneys Mark McNabola, Ruth Degnan



Construction Site Negligence - A man was demonstrating construction equipment known as a “man lift," and was elevated in the air. The lift collapsed, and the plaintiff suffered permanent injuries to his ankle and lower back. McNabola represented one of two seriously injured plaintiffs. Prior to trial, the offer was only $3 million.

Lead Trial Attorney Mark McNabola



Medical Malpractice - Following induced labor, the unborn child suffered fetal distress, C-section delivery was delayed. The baby’s mother died from an amniotic fluid embolism during delivery and the baby suffered severe developmental delays.

Lead Trial Attorney Mark McNabola



Medical Malpractice - A 52 year old man suffered an anoxic brain injury following routine bowel surgery when doctors and nurses at a suburban hospital failed to properly monitor and treat post-operative metabolic changes. This case concluded after evidentiary rulings at the time of jury selection. The offer before trial was only $3 million.

Trial Attorneys Mark McNabola, Ruth Degnan



Trucking Negligence - A grandmother who was rendered wheelchair dependent in a motor vehicle incident involving car versus truck. The offer for settlement prior to trial was only $2 million.

Trial Attorneys Mark McNabola, Ruth Degnan



Medical Malpractice - A young woman suffered amputations as a result of complications following surgery at a suburban hospital in a collar county of Chicago. The doctors and nurses failed to develop and implement an appropriate plan to manage blood thinning medications pre and post-operatively leading to severe clotting and tissue death. The case settled after evidentiary rulings at the time of jury selection. Offer before trial was only $2 million.

Trial Attorneys Mark McNabola, Ruth Degnan



Trucking Negligence - A young girl was killed when she was struck by a vehicle that had previously collided with a bus that was traveling too fast for conditions. After a ten-day jury trial, a Cook County jury returned a verdict in favor of the family. According to the Jury Verdict Reporter, this is a record high verdict for the wrongful death of a minor in a motor vehicle accident. There was no offer for settlement by any defendant.

Lead Trial Attorney Mark McNabola



Trucking Negligence - Cook County jury awarded $7 Million to a construction worker who lost his leg working on a City of Chicago site. As a result of the defendant’s failure to safely route traffic in the area the man was pinned against his truck by a driver. The defendant did not offer any money to settle the case.

Lead Trial Attorney Mark McNabola



Motorcycle Negligence - A teenager and her father were injured in a motorcycle accident. The 15 y/o suffered a severe fracture of her right ankle and has required multiple surgeries

Lead Trial Attorney Mark McNabola