Case Study: Success Through Empathy and Expertise in Wrongful Death Case

Case Study: Success Through Empathy and Expertise in the Svanstrom Case

A Tragic Overdose Leads to Legal Recourse

In the heart of Chicago, the tragic death of a 55-year-old mother of three, as a result of an opioid overdose, has become a seminal case in the ongoing battle against prescription drug abuse. After enduring years of chronic pain following knee surgery, the patient became inadvertently addicted to painkillers. Despite numerous warnings from her family about her growing dependency, her primary care physicians continued to prescribe potent opioids, leading to a fatal overdose. This incident laid the groundwork for a crucial legal battle spearheaded by the compassionate and strategic representation of Illinois attorney, Mark McNabola and the McNabola Law Group.

The Family Seeks Justice

Distraught yet determined, the family reached out to McNabola Law Group, seeking justice for their mom, and hoping to shine a spotlight on the critical issue of opioid overprescription. The firm’s approach combined its extensive experience and legal expertise with a profound empathy for the family’s plight, understanding that behind every case is a human story filled with pain and the desire for justice.

“Our goal was not only to seek justice for the family and their mother but also to ensure that this tragic event advances systemic changes in the approach to pain management in our healthcare system,” explains Mark McNabola, lead attorney in Chicago on the case.

Legal Strategy and Client Support

McNabola’s team meticulously built the case, focusing on the negligent behavior of the healthcare providers who failed to adequately monitor the victim’s prescription drug use. The law firm’s strategy involved detailed analysis of medical records, phone records, expert testimonies, and an aggressive negotiation posture with the healthcare providers’ formidable legal team.
Throughout the legal process, McNabola Law Group remained steadfast in their support for the family, providing not only top-tier legal representation but also emotional support. “They were more than my lawyers; they were my pillar of strength during one of the most challenging times of my life,” recalls the victim’s daughter.

A Landmark Settlement

Just prior to jury trial, the case concluded with a confidential settlement for the family, the terms of which included significant compensation. Significantly, part of the settlement has been specifically allocated to support the special needs of the victim’s disabled son. This outcome not only provided the family with the means to rebuild but also set a precedent for the handling of similar cases in the future.

The Bigger Picture

While the settlement marks a victory for the family, it also highlights the larger issue of opioid misuse and the responsibilities of healthcare providers. The firm’s success in this case has contributed to growing awareness and legislative efforts aimed at curbing opioid abuse, aligning with initiatives like those proposed by Senator Dick Durbin.

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