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Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, McNabola Law Group's compassionate personal injury attorneys are dedicated to serving the legal needs of individuals and families who are injured throughout Cook County and Illinois. Working in personal injury law for over 35 years, we've seen first-hand the physical, mental, emotional, and financial damage a lack of empathy can cause.

Chicago’s Top Personal Injury Law Firms - McNabola Law Group

Practice Areas

We are dedicated to helping individuals and families who have suffered serious injuries or have lost a loved one because of negligence. We are committed to providing the highest level of representation for our clients in complex injury cases. We understand that this is a difficult time for you and we are always available to work collaboratively with you and your family. We consider it our mission to support you and ensure that you are not re-victimized during the legal process.

Serious Personal Injuries or Catastrophic Injuries

One of the most critical factors to your best recovery is an expert catastrophic injury lawyer who has handled hundreds, if not thousands of cases and has developed the wisdom to best advocate on your behalf to maximize your claim and fight for your family’s future.

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Wrongful Death

While we can’t bring your loved one back, we can leverage our experience and knowledge to secure the most compensation necessary for your family to start to put the pieces back together.

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Trucking Accidents

The trucking industry is often poorly regulated and run on the interests of speed, not safety. The insurance companies for the trucker do not have your best interests at heart. McNabola Law does.

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Auto/Car Accidents

Our auto accident injury lawyers provide personalized legal solutions, compassionate support and fight the insurance companies for the maximum compensation you deserve.

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Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence can be difficult to prove, and an experienced medical malpractice lawyer is necessary by providing access to top medical experts to review your medical files, establish if negligence occurred and pursue the damages you are owed.

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Mass Transportation Accidents

Contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident is important to preserve evidence and ensure your best chance at receiving full and fair compensation for your injuries.

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Premises Liability

When you enter a business, establishment or another person’s property, they are can legally responsible for your safety well being. Our experienced premises liability lawyers help advise you on the strength of your claim.

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Defective Products or Products Liability

It can be hard to stand up for yourself against the big insurance companies whose specialty is to aggressively fight any and all claims. Together we walk the road you need to take to get compensation from insurance companies.

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We will work hard for you and your family.

We take a transparent and honest approach to helping you navigate the legal process and cope with the challenges of a personal injury.

“When results matter, you should contact McNabola Law Group. Factually, we have a proven track record in personal injury with 40 years of documented results. We try to take the worry and stress out of the legal system for our clients by aggressively pursuing litigation against the insurance companies, who often delay and deny responsibility.”

Mark McNabola

Why Choose Us


For over 40 years, when lawyers are looking for the best law firm to work with, they choose McNabola Law Group.


Over 75% of our business is direct referrals from other lawyers on behalf of their clients. Because of our professionalism and attention to detail.

Top Results

We are the lawyer’s lawyers. We are the law firm where lawyers choose to represent their loved ones, clients, and friends with their own personal injury cases. They know we will take care of their clients and achieve the best results.


For over 40 years, when lawyers are looking for the best law firm to work with, they choose McNabola Law Group.


Over 75% of our business is direct referrals from other lawyers on behalf of their clients. Because of our professionalism and attention to detail.

Top Results

We are the lawyer’s lawyers. We are the law firm where lawyers choose to represent their loved ones, clients, and friends with their own personal injury cases. They know we will take care of their clients and achieve the best results.

Mark McNabola working at his office


After months and months of with working with another attorney, they informed my family that we could not proceed forward, because they did not believe we would have a favorable outcome. Something about that discussion did not sit right with me. I always knew in my heart that my family member was a victim of medical negligence and was determined to find someone who agreed with me. I was then introduced to the McNabola Law Group. Mark listened to our story and absolutely AGREED with me! We have never looked back. Everyone at this firm is so caring, compassionate, and professional beyond measure. Our family is now able to provide a better quality of life to our severely disabled family member because of the McNabola Law Group. We are forever thankful and grateful to everyone. I would encourage anyone who feels that they have been wronged, neglected, or injured within the medical system to have a conversation with Mark. He is an honest person. Having this conversation could eventually change your life. They will go above and beyond to guide you through the process, and they work hard to seek justice!

Lauren B.

A big thank you to McNabola Law Group. David and Mark were amazing and I would highly recommend them to my family and friends. They were both very professional and efficient. They were always available to answer all my calls and were very compassionate and understanding. Most of all they were assertive and their calculated efforts won the case, and for a larger settlement than anticipated. If you are looking for caring attorneys to represent you, contact McNabola Law Group.

Lilly V.

Our child endured a horrible experience and we never had one doubt that McNabola Law Group wouldn't handle the situation with success and grace. Throughout the process they were not only exceptional attorneys but very human and compassionate people. As parents you want to take care of your hurting child and not worry about the rest. McNabola did it ALL and did it all with 5-star quality. I would never use or recommend another set of attorneys ever again. Really and truly, they are an exceptional quality group of people.

Hayes H.

Mark helped me and my father through the most difficult time in my life. After suffering a life changing personal injury at the negligence of another driver, Mark made sure every step of the way that we knew we would get the compensation we deserved. He was very responsive and diligent. I cannot thank him enough for helping to take away all financial burdens for the rest of my life.

Kelly W.

I was involved in a wrongful death lawsuit. After getting nowhere with my original attorney, I hired McNabola Law Group. Ruth Degnan was not only an excellent attorney but her sincere compassion came through with how tirelessly she worked for my justice. Mark McNabola personally oversaw my case and was there to answer questions immediately when I had them. I knew that I was in good hands with Mark and Ruth working for me. I highly recommend them.

Donna H.

After living through a horrible tragedy the last thing I wanted to do was be involved in a wrongful death case. I was nervous and expected it to be a horrendous and painful experience. Mark and his team were so professional and genuine. They offered the support and guidance that we desperately needed without ever overwhelming us. I am so grateful we chose McNabola Law Group and highly recommend them.

Nina K.

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Personal Injury FAQs

Personal injury is a legal term that refers to any physical or emotional harm caused by the negligence or misconduct of another person or entity. It encompasses a wide range of incidents, including car accidents, medical malpractice, slip and falls, and more. Our team at McNabola Law Group has the experience and expertise necessary to navigate the complex legal process and secure the compensation you deserve.

In Illinois, the general statute of limitations for personal injury cases is two years. However, there are exceptions to this general rule that can shorten or extend the time period. It is extremely important to contact us as soon as possible after the accident occurs. As time goes by, medical evidence and witness statements can become harder to obtain, which can weaken your case. Time is only friendly to insurance companies. That's why we are agressive when it comes to fighting delays and advancing motions in court. We firmly believe that justice delayed is justice denied.

Personal injury damages refer to the monetary compensation awarded to an individual who has suffered injuries or losses as a result of another party's negligence or wrongdoing. These damages can include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. The amount of damages awarded is typically calculated based on the specific circumstances of the case, including the severity of the injuries, the impact on the victim's life, and the extent of the liable party's negligence. We believe that you should be focused on recovery - not the legal side of things. That's why we're always available to answer your questions and explain the process in simple terms from start to finish.

Unlike other lawyers who may opt to settle, we are not afraid to take a case to trial. Our team of attorneys have extensive experience in jury trials and a proven track record of winning cases. This is why McNabola Law Group is a trusted firm among other lawyers and experts in the legal industry.

We offer a no-cost, no-pressure, no-obligation consultation to discuss your rights, recovery and likelihood of success

If you or someone you love has been involved in a serious or catastrophic incident, let the Chicago injury lawyers at McNabola Law fight for you. Use our experience to work with you to fight for justice. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.