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Whether you are a passenger in a public transportation vehicle or you are hit by one, you have a right to claim compensation for your financial losses and pain and suffering. You should act quickly to speak with an attorney after such a collision to ensure the prompt preservation of evidence and perfecting your claim.



Trucking Negligence - A grandmother who was rendered wheelchair dependent in a motor vehicle incident involving car versus truck. The offer for settlement prior to trial was only $2 million.

Lead Trial Attorney Mark McNabola and Ruth Degnan



Trucking Negligence - A young girl was killed when she was struck by a vehicle that had previously collided with a bus that was traveling too fast for conditions. After a ten-day jury trial, a Cook County jury returned a verdict in favor of the family. According to the Jury Verdict Reporter, this is a record high verdict for the wrongful death of a minor in a motor vehicle collision. There was no offer for settlement by any defendant.

Lead Trial Attorney Mark McNabola

El and Metra Collisions

For decades, the elevated train system in Chicago (popularly known as El or L trains) has provided an economical and efficient means of transportation around the Loop and much of the Chicagoland area. Though they are not that common, when incidents occur involving "L" and commuter trains the injuries that result are usually very serious. As the victim of a negligent train collision or as the family member of a deceased passenger, you have the right to claim compensation for your losses and suffering.

Commercial Vehicle Collisions

Every day, thousands of commercial trucks belonging to private delivery services and other businesses drive on roads and highways in communities throughout Illinois. Many of the operators of these large vans and trucks require little or no special training or fail to maintain the proper licenses. In crowded traffic and pedestrian areas, the public is at risk if the driver is unfamiliar with emergency situations or does know how to handle the vehicle properly.

Bus Collisions

McNabola Law Group, represents people who have been injured and the families of those who have been killed in bus collisions. Our attorneys are diligent in case preparation and skilled at the art of trial advocacy. We vigorously pursue results in cases involving public transportation collisions, and we will seek full compensation for you.

Taxi Collisions

Collisions involving the many taxicabs, Uber, and Lyft services can involve serious injuries or death. The complex relationships between the drivers and the companies that market them can be confusing and misleading. Our team has extensive experience with these cases and the investigation necessary to identify and pursue the culpable parties.

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Product Liability - Family man paralyzed in a boating injury when he fell from the upper deck of a yacht. The offer by the insurance company for the defendant was only $3 million before trial and $25 million after three weeks of jury trial, offered after closing arguments.

Lead Trial Attorney Mark McNabola and Ruth Degnan



Construction Site Negligence - A man was demonstrating construction equipment known as a “man lift," and was elevated in the air. The lift collapsed, and the plaintiff suffered permanent injuries to his ankle and lower back. McNabola represented one of two seriously injured plaintiffs. Prior to trial, the offer was only $3 million.

Lead Trial Attorney Mark McNabola